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Get into world championship?

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I am in Thailand.but I want to participate in the world championship Pokemon.will it be an event in thailand or not.or I have to go to another country.and what game will it be black2 or x.
If I ask anything wrong I am sorry.

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You seem a bit to....young to go to a tournament. Even though  they have classes separated by age, I doubt that anybody's parents would give them a ticket to go to a world tournament, unless you are like 16.
Being young has nothing to do with it. There are different age devisions for the different age groups. There are Juniors, Seniors, and Masters. Meaning, anyone really can go to it.
And I'm pretty sure if you get into the finals, a ticket is paid (for you and your parent if you're under 18). Accommodation is self-funded, but the ticket should be given if you get into the finals.

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The TCG World Cup is in Vancouver, Canada. Dates are April 9-11th, of this year. which means next week. The video game tournament is over.

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Note that I based my search on the American site and not on the one for Thailand. So I don't know the local Tournaments for you, sorry.