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I can't find a waterstone in soul silver. where can I find a waterstone.


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You can get it 3 ways.

1)On the route underneath Goldenrod city. Head down to the huge grass patch South-west of the day-care centre. There will be a trainer. She'll rather give you a water stone instantly, or give you it via poke gear.

2) Get it on the right day for 2500 points at the Pokeathalon store to the far right of the reception desk.

3) Show Bill's grandpa a Staryu. He lives on Cerulean Cape to the very top of Kanto.

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For you Number 1, It's Actually a Fisherman named 'Tully' on Route 42. Which is between Ecruteak City and Mahogany Town. After defeating him in Battle he'll ask for your number. Answer "Yes" and he'll call you on a Sunday Afternoon (You can change your DS, DS I's, DS I XL's, 3DS's, 3DS XL's or 2DS's Clock to a Sunday Afternoon. He should call you asking for a rematch, Go and battle him and after you win he'll give you a Water Stone. The Person you are talking about is a Picnicker called Gina. You can add her and on a Sunday Afternoon she'll call you for a Rematch and if you win she'll give you a Leaf Stone. Also you may call them/just talk to them in person on the Sunday Afternoon.
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Water Stones are found from the Pokeathalon for 2500 points Wednesdays only. That is the only place in Johto that you can find a Water Stone.

You can get a Water Stone from Bill's Grandpa up on Cerulean Cape in Kanto by showing him a Staryu.

Hope this helps :