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What causes Pokemon to have eggs quicker?

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I have tried almost every Pokemon that is compatible with each other. Like the other day, I tried seven different Eevees with two different dittos, and still none of them liked each other.

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Not really, but if you breed two Pokemon of the same species instead of the same Egg Group, they are more comparable, so in a way, they produce eggs a little faster.


If you want to breed Eevees faster, (and get Eevees), take a female Eevee and breed her with, just to name a few BW2 Pokemon in the Field egg group, Munna, Panpour, Stoutland.
Here's a list of more Pokemon Eevee can breed with. And she'll produce eggs somewhat quicker

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Thank you WaterTiger!
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-different Pokemon of the same egg group like each other less
-Pokemon with the same ID like each other less

so two Eevees with different ID numbers (and opposite genders of course)(trade one from a friend) will give the best result

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You can use a Pokemon with the ability flame body or magma armor, with my espeon, after one of its eggs hatch, another egg will "appear". Hope this helps!

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