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Let's say you have a Pokemon with Sturdy, someone uses a move that would KO it but it survives with sturdy, then you completely restore it's health, then he uses the move again, would Sturdy activate again?

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Sturdy would activate again.
In this way, Sturdy can be used multiple times.

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No worries :)
actually, sturdy is only able to activate once. From one KO move, the next time it happens, you're dead lol
He means that if you can manage to recover all your HP then Sturdy will be able to work again, no matter what move is used so long as it isn't a multiple hit move. That is what makes FEAR Aron so threatening to teams unprepared to face noob tactics.
^ no Fizzcube is right ya know. I am sorry but the description says at full health, whether that means if you have restored it or not. i know this, as I have tried it as any Professor should (xD)
Dat Arrow block xP