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I remember hearing that Oak said that there was only had 150 Pokemon (that's when Kanto came out and obviously is wrong now), but I also remember that Prof. Oak had mentioned that he traveled in Johto. This confuses me, that he (or more importantly Game Freak) would hide the only adjacent region in the Pokemon world.

Was it intentional for Game Freak to make Oak to "lie" about Johto?

Maybe I'm reading this wrong but that doesn't seem like lying to me
lol I doubt it, they probably just make it up as they go along. Like when Oak said he had been to Unova but it had been a while.

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enter image description here Oak as a trainer. (Sammy Oak)
No Oak doesn't lie. When he was a trainer he travelled just like Ash.

He appears as a young boy, Sam (Japanese: ユキナリ Yukinari) in the fourth film, Celebi: Voice of the Forest. Ash Ketchum befriends the young Oak, who, because he time-traveled from 40 years in the past, is around the same age as Ash. The revelation that Sam is Oak, while inferable thanks to disclosure of Oak's first name in The Power of One, comes only at the end of the movie when Oak impliedly confirms the connection through his knowledge of Sam's name despite Ash having never told him of it. Additionally, Tracey finds the sketchbook in which young Sam drew Pikachu sleeping with Celebi in Oak's closet. ~Bulbapedia

Professor Oak
To read up more about Oaks journey in Johto check that link under "Past".

So yeah, Oak has travelled to Jotho

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Ok, I didn't really watched the early episodes. Makes more sense now.
Its not really an early epsisode. It was a film.
Yeah I know, but I was referring to the Kanto and Johto episodes. I have seen pieces of this film, so I didn't fully understand the history of Prof. Oak.