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I make alot of poffins but they never get to highier levels than 21 I have seen lvel 60 poffins how do I make them better.


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Berrys and Skill. When the Berry master comes he has belue, durin, spelon, watmel, and pamtre berrys. these berrys are better, have more flavour, and make lv. 40 min. poffins most of the time. And of course, if you cook them very precisely, and skillfully, they will be better. I can imagine a 100% perfect watmel poffin, would be lv. 60. happy baking!

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If you want a high level poffin, Go to Hearthome City and compete in a contest, reach the Master Rank, Then wait until tomorrow then you go back to the contest building. You will see someone in front of the door. Then after she speaks to you, Go in the building, You will see someone else and he will give you a Poffin, with a high level. More than 30!