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Just curious...

Now how is anybody supposed to know that?!

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Poffins don't raise happiness; they raise either the Beauty, Tough, Cute, Cool, or Smart stats of a Pokemon in a Pokemon contest.

Asked before: Do Poffins raise a Pokemon's happiness?

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It really depends on the berry and how well you do. The only true variables are those two things. Bulbagarden states that some Pokemon prefer burnt poffins.

This formula is from Bulbagerden. L is level, B is berry, T is time, and M is mistakes.
enter image description here

Here is the link that I got this info:

I would assume that Game Freak would put a increase/decrease of friendship if you fed a poffin to a pokemon. That is how actual animals work.
Really. That's what your basing your answer on.

I can't even take this seriously any more.
Just using some sense and logic to make the best answer I can assemble:D
That isn't logic. Pokemon =/= real animals.
Obviously. I would assume that Game Freak would add that mechanic, due to the fact that Pokemon replaces real animals, in a matter of speaking.