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Just curious...

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Now how is anybody supposed to know that?!

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Poffins don't raise happiness; they raise either the Beauty, Tough, Cute, Cool, or Smart stats of a Pokemon in a Pokemon contest.

Asked before: Do Poffins raise a Pokemon's happiness?

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It really depends on the berry and how well you do. The only true variables are those two things. Bulbagarden states that some Pokemon prefer burnt poffins.

This formula is from Bulbagerden. L is level, B is berry, T is time, and M is mistakes.
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Here is the link that I got this info:

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Quote: Poffin levels determine how much an aspect (condition) will be affected. Every Berry has a base level, which is the level you would receive if the Poffin were created in 60 seconds.

The condition/ aspect is referring to the ones I've listed above: Beauty, Tough, Cute, Cool, or Smart. Condition/ aspect in this case is not referring to happiness.

Also, it's Bulbapedia. Bulbagarden is the forum section..
In my copy of Diamond, I have found that if you give a pokemon poor quality poffins that it doesn't like them and the friendship WILL go down and visa-versa.
That's because it's due to the taste of the Poffins. Pokemon that dislike a Poffin taste (due to their nature) will dislike you if you feed them the incorrect Poffin. Poffins don't change happiness if you feed them the flavours they like/ are neutral.
Thanks for pointing out the obvious. This account may be new but I'm not.
This question was how much do Poffins increase happiness.

Poffins *don't* increase happiness, they increase the conditions used in contests. Is it so hard to understand my point.
Is that contradicting what you said earlier?
No, it isn't. Contradicting what I've siad would be saying that Poffins increased happiness. Where have I ever said that Poffins increased happiness?

Your Pokemon will dislike you if you feed them the wrong Poffin, but Poffins won't RAISE happiness.
I would assume that Game Freak would put a increase/decrease of friendship if you fed a poffin to a pokemon. That is how actual animals work.
Really. That's what your basing your answer on.

I can't even take this seriously any more.
Just using some sense and logic to make the best answer I can assemble:D
That isn't logic. Pokemon =/= real animals.
Obviously. I would assume that Game Freak would add that mechanic, due to the fact that Pokemon replaces real animals, in a matter of speaking.