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Yeah, I think it's very boring to always go on Smogon and use theirs. Not saying Smogon is bad, they typically do have the best most functional movesets but I know there are creative people able to make their own good movesets.

Overall, I'm the type who would rather enjoy the game rather than being the best strategically at it. I don't care about IV's, I don't use AR... So I'd like to be able to avoid all kinds of Pokemon strategy forums, especially Smogon.


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Well, this is a very personalized question. Many people just use what they think will do best. this is how I do it.

  1. I Find the purpose of the team in general (e.g will it be hyper offense, a rain team ect)

  2. What role do I want it to fit in? Do I want it to be a sweeper? Or a wall? ect:

  3. How do I want it to do that? Do I want to set up first? Or pull of a bulky set? Or should I just scarf it and make it fast?

  4. Does my team need one of those? There is no point on having a dragon sweeper if you already have one is there?

  5. How much support does it give your team? Does it help someone else? Does it make a battle easier?

  6. Can I think of a better set? They could be various possibilities so you should try several out to get a better understanding.

So, in short, I get an idea for something in my head for a certain role, and work it round the current teams needs and situations. Try and gain as much experience as you can in moveset making to get a better understanding in what works and what doesn't.

Hope I helped!


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