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I was reading swampert website http://thepokeplace.weebly.com/the-starters.html (nice work dude) and I saw stuff like staller and sweeper is it real things or you made them up :P anyway is there any other kinds and whats the differences between each?

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Things like stallers and sweepers are just terms commonly used in pokemon. Each set is used to fit a pokemon that can fit well into that category. For instance a sweeper is a pokemon used to Ko other pokemon with powerful attacks.They typicall have high speed and offensive stats. A typhlosion would be a good example, as speed and special attack are his 2 best stats. A staller is a pokemon with good defenses used to wear the opponent slowly with moves like toxic and leech seed. Blissey is one of the ultimate staller with it's high HP and special defense, not to mention all the recovery moves it has. A wall is a pokemon with high offense and defense and takes hits then delivers their own to the opponent. A rhydon is an example, with his high attack and defense, he can take physical attacks while hitting hard himself.

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Yes, they are terms used commonly in pokemon, as DT said!Sweeper: A Pokemon Who Can Hid Hard, and Fast, Usually has low Defense.
Staller: Always needs to have huge defenses and uses toxic/burn to weaken the opponet.

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