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I have a Swampert in Pokemon Ultra Moon (I traded Necrozma for Mudkip and evolved it in Pokemon Sun, then I used Pokebank to transfer it) and I've been wondering whether I should switch Hammer Arm with Endeavor. Please answer before my Swampert gets to level 63.

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Between the two, Hammer Arm is better than Endeavor because Endeavor basically makes your foe's HP equal yours, but fails if your HP is higher than your foe's. In my opinion, Endeavor is only useful if you have very low HP. The only drawback with having Hammer Arm is that you get slower after every time you use the move.

Just for fairness, if you have Heart Scales and are at Mount Lanakila, you can just use that to teach your Swampert Hammer Arm/Endeavor.

To answer your question, if you're planning to level your Swampert up to that high of a level, I'd suggest you stick with Hammer Arm, disregarding the drawbacks of it.

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Yeah, I agree. A move like Endeavor is never going to be used on a pokemon like Swampert
Thanks. This really helped. But now I need to level my Swampert up. It's annoying how it takes a really long time.
"Just for fairness, if you have Heart Scales and are at Mount Lanakila, you can just use that to teach your Swampert Hammer Arm/Endeavor."
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It depends of what you want to do, both moves are important and equally effetive at the hands of that Pokemon, but between the two, the one who will do better will depend on what do you want your swampert to do, he has a particular role? He especialize in something or he is just balanced to be average effetive at everything?

If you think of what do you want him to do, you will find the move who better suit that particular role.

for example, for an average/balanced set swampert, the better choice is Hammer arm, because is efetive against some types.

But for example if one of the roles your swampet is taking, is something that require him to have alot HP and to deal with foes who have alot HP and are hard to take down using standarth moves, then the better choice is Endeavor.

Of course this are just examples, because swampert can do too many things to think about.
The best move will be the one who fill (or are essential) to your role or just complete your balanced set.

hope i've helped, have a nice day!

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You post this same response on every question like this and downvote people who disagree with you. I am posting this so that you’re aware it’s quite noticeable.
You’ve spoken before about being impartial? At least give some credit and maybe avoid downvoting people simply because they didn’t see it like you did. I mean this in principle: it has nothing to do with whether I agree with your answer.
Thanks, but I was looking more for a direct answer.
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Personally, I think both moves are on somewhat equal footing. Hammer Arm does do a huge chunk of damage, even to some bulky steel types that can shrug off most attacks, but it lowers the speed and people would expect hammer arm over endeavor. I mean if you wanted to run a trick room set than hammer arm is definetely a good option, but if not then your Pokemon is kind of screwed once the speed gets too low.

On the flip side, endeavor can do a ton more damage to the opponent and is a lot less predictable. Certain Pokemon can easily get to low health and use endeavor, quick attack, and then just get another hit on the next Pokemon to come out. Sadly, the only real way to use the move is to have the Pokemon built around the move (E.g. low health, a fast finishing move, study ability, etc) and in double and triple battles the Pokemon could get killed before it can even use the move. In addition, any multi hitting moves like bullet seed or barrage will get stopped by a focus sash or study, but will make the Pokemon faint by the next hit.

Id reccomend Hammer arm, especially in double battles where other Pokemon can cover for the lack of speed, or the speed could help with a trick room. Endeavor is good too, but it can be easy to avoid, and once the opponent knows you have the move, your Pokemon is at a huge risk. Hope this helps!!!

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