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I was wondering if this would work in a triple battle:

I have Rattata, Reuniclus and Gigalith, in that order. My rattata is level 1 and is not EV trained. It knows Quick Attack, Protect, and Endeavor and holds a Shell Bell. My Gigalith's ability is Sturdy and my Reuniclus knows the move Skill Swap and has Max Speed and holds an item that increases speed. First, Reuniclus uses Skill Swap on Gigalith, Gigalith does whatever and Rattata uses Protect, because it is very vulnerable. Next, Reuniclus uses Skill Swap on Rattata, so now it has Sturdy, Gigalith does whatever, and Rattata uses Endeavor. Since Rattata is an easy target, it is most likely to be attacked. Reuniclus attacks the Pokémon in the middle, and Gigalith does whatever. Rattata probably got attacked and has 1 HP. It's Endeavor leaves the Target with 1 HP left and Shell Bell restores it HP, most likely all of it. On the next turn, it uses quick attack to knock out the target. Would this strategy work? If not, how could I improve it? It can be any Pokemon with Skill Swap and Sturdy.


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A list of problems.

  1. Opponent has any variation of Quick Attack and this is over.
  2. Trick or Knock Off.
  3. Reuniclus is not fast in the first place, no matter how much you EV train.
  4. There is no practical item that increases Speed other than Quick Powder which only works on Ditto, Custap & Salac Berry which you cannot afford to wait for.
  5. One strong special Attack and Gigalith is out.
  6. Taunt or Encore
  7. This has to go exactly as planned.
  8. Substitute sets.

This can go on.

This strategy is a gimmick at best. Not practical.

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There's a berry that raises your speed when you drop below 25% health. Can't remember the name however.
Salac Berry and he can't afford to wait that long or take the risk.
I understand that but I was just pointing out that there is an item, when you indicated there is "no item"
Custap Berry allows you to move first under 25%.
How about a Deoxys Speed Form or Alakazam with Skill Swap and a Bastiodon with Sturdy? If I replace Rattata with Archeops, too, will there be any difference?
Why not just give it a focus sash instead of going through all the skill swapping?
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Very innovative Strategy! Unfortunately the opponent will be firing away with multi hit attacks like e- quake. Rattata will be ohkod after two hits, which is very Likely in a triple battle. Good idea though!

Innovative? It's FEAR in a triple battle.
Idk if thats sarcasm or ignorance XD
Sarcasm :/
I was in a bad mood at the time
Lol tazzie xD