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I'm debating on which ability would be better for my Rock Monotype Team and need some help. Thanks!

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Either, Rock Head, Sturdy.
Can you give reasons?
I don't have time for that at the moment, which is why I put it as a comment.

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Either works, as Sniper and Tough Claws are both good. I would prefer Tough Claws as it gives a boost more often and Sniper is more situational.


Definetly go for Rock Head here, Rhyhorn doesn't learn many recoil moves but Lightning Rod is pretty much useless on a ground type. It boosts special attack but Rhyhorn is a physical attacker.


Again, Shell Armor is pretty situational and often not very useful, so go for Sturdy because it's a almost guaranteed attack so it makes for a good fallback if something goes awry.

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Thanks Spooky.