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Before I breed for an Alolan Marowak, I wanted to run Rock Head so that Flare Blitz would not hurt me. On the contrary, I have heard that Lightning Rod is amazing on said Pokemon. That's why I want to find out what I miss out on and if it's worth it to not run Lightning Rod

A portion of this is answered: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/13550/lightningrod-or-rock-head?show=13550#q13550 but it does not entirely answer my question.


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First, lightning rod makes Marowak immune to thunder wave. Some teams rely on thunder wave to check sweepers, so lightning rod can help a lot against those teams. Second, there are many Pokemon, such as Zapdos, mega Manectric, Magnezone, and Tapu Koko that rely on electric attacks. Marowak can only check those Pokemon if it has lightning rod. Third, even outside of those four Pokemon, electric attacks are quite common. If a Marowak had lightning rod, it could switch into all those electric attacks without taking damage. In the case of volt switch, it can switch in AND disrupt an opponent's attempt to switch in their own Pokemon. On the other hand, the only thing rock head does is prevent flare blitz recoil. Marowak is pretty easy to revenge kill, with or without the recoil. In fact, lightning rod is so much better than rock head that almost twice as many people chose to use lightning rod when compared to rock head.

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You just gave me it. I knew there was something more to an Electric Immunity.
This isn't anything more than electric immunity. It's just electric immunity with style.
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Rock Head prevents recoil damage, whereas Lightning Rod makes you immune to Electric-type attacks and raises your special attack when hit with one.

So, you'll only miss out of a boost to Special Attack and an immunity to Electric.

Note that Kantonian Marowak is a Ground-type and is, otherwise, immune to Electric-type attacks.
So, if you're breeding for a Kantonian Marowak, you won't miss out on the Electric-type immunity.

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