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Aron. Gen V, Dream World, Icy Cave. Other than that, Focus Sash could be used. Smeargle could also pull off an Endure/Priority move combo.

The strategy is unreliable in competitive, though, but it is funny.


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All pokémons with Sutrdy + Endeavor are Donphan, Aron, Lairon, Aggron.
Also you can use a Focus Sash + Endeavor tactic. Endeavor learnset list

Hope this helps.

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As of what I've seen, Yes there is, but they don't usually have good priority moves. The Focus-Rattata is most common. Lvl 34 rattata with a focus Sash. It first uses Endeavor, then Quick Attack. Since all attacks must deal at least 1 hp, the mon faints. It's a cheap strat that most everybody hates by now.

To add to it, this is the F.E.A.R mon that I hate most, and it should by obvious why.

Almost any doubles tier-

Sends out Audino and a Pokémon with sturdy and can learn Mimic (Usually Aggron).

T1:Audino uses entrainment, then Aggron uses mimic. Aggron learns Audino's Entrainment.

T2: Audino switches to Shedinja with Lum Berry. Aggron uses entrainment on Shedinja- it now has sturdy.

After this happens, shedinja is free to set up with Agility and Swords dance, and is then free to X-Scissor and Phantom Force its way through your team.

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