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This tactic is called FEAR.
F = Focus Sash
E = Endeavor
A = (Quick) Attack
R = Rattata (a common abuser of this tactic)

Best used with lvl 1 pokemon to set off the opponent.
I prefer:

Shell bell

There. An acronym. Sort of.

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Yes, that would be a KO, assuming the move would knock you down to the amount of health appropriate for the KO. However, while this might seem like a good strategy, don't use it in battles. It's countered way too easily, particularly for these reasons:

  • Won't work on Ghosts.
  • If the opponent uses a weak attack or a non-attacking move you'll be screwed, and if your opponent is skilled, they'll also see what you're trying to do and will try to play around it.
  • Your Pokemon will probably faint the next turn, or you will switch it out, which doesn't work in your favour either way.
  • If your strategy doesn't work out the way you want it to, you will immediately become set-up fodder, which could potentially lead to a sweep that would end the battle for you.
  • Other priority moves.
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How about lvl 1 pokemon?
It eliminates the chance of a weak attack being used I guess since your stats would be so low, but to be honest using a level 1 is even worse. If you you're using a level 1, the opponent will easily see that you're using a troll Pokemon like this one and will try to play around it.
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Yes you will be able to knock out the Pokemon. Just beware of ghost types.
Hope I helped!
Exception: Scrappy Swellow will be able to use this combo on ghost types
Source: Experience

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