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I would like to obtain a victini, mew, and a few other event Pokemon, but without seeing them I cannot request them on gts. Also I have to deal with some really difficult to negotiate with people, especially given that there are no methods of conversation.


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You can always Hack your game,with Action Replay to obtain them or by using PokeGen
They both can glitch your game though....

PokGen cannot glitch your game ya know. I and a few other people have told you in the past that it cannot. action Replay definitely can tho so avoid that.
While you might not have experienced glitching from PokeGen, my friend's game glitched up from it. Whether it was because they used other methods of cheating, I don't know, but from experience anything that uses AR is liable to glitch your game, and PokeGen does use AR (just look at the first line on the front page). There is no "safe" way of "modifying" your game.
Well if anyone has a couple of excess event pokemon I wouldn't mind trading.
You can't trade event Pokemon, and I have no WiFi. Sorry lol.
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Ok, I've heard and seen many instances where I can obtain a liberty pass from someone else, sort of like a mystery gift, can someone explain the process?