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I want to change the "trendy phrase" to something inappropriate so that when I next mix records with my boyfriend, everyone in Dewford in his game will say it and hopefully I will have managed to make him laugh out loud and embarrass himself at work or on the Metro. ;)

Anyway, every time I talk to the bloke in Dewford and tell him that "TIGHT REAR" or "USING SMACK" or some such phrase is hip and happening, he tells me that it's not as cool as the current trendy phrase (he is clearly an idiot), and he refuses to change it. I tried a few things and none of them worked. Is there some reason why it won't accept my suggestions? Should I come back later or is all hope of injecting some toilet humour into my boyfriend's game totally futile?

Cheers, Emmy

Up vote just for the reason you asked this. XD lololol.

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Okay, so, I went back today to talk to that guy again. He just told me ""USING SMACK", It's the hottest thing in cool!", and that "Wherever you're from, "USING SMACK" is the biggest happening thing, right?" so obviously after some time to think about it, he's decided that I am a hipster after all. Eheheh.

So, problem solved, apparently there is just a delay between when you talk to him and when he decides your phrase is cool, or something like that. If anyone knows what is actually going on here please add your answer (or comment that this is in fact all there is to it).

Disclaimer... I in NO WAY condone the use of smack or any other hard drugs... I like being alive far too much and there are so many homeless junkies near where I live that I would never dream of trying it. Just thought I had better make that clear before someone hates on me...

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Talk to the person outside the Dewford Hall, the house behind the Pokémon Center, and he will tell about the latest "trendy phrase". If you click no when he asks if the "trendy phrase" is cool, then he will ask for a new one.

Yes... thank you but sorry I think that you misunderstood my question. Just to reiterate, my question was that when I spoke to the guy outside Dewford Hall, and he told me about the latest "trendy phrase", I selected no then told him that it was something else funnier (e.g., TIGHT REAR) ... but he said no, his trendy phrase was better, and did not change it. He refused everything that I suggested. What I'm wanting to know is whether there is a way around this, or whether he only accepts certain suggestions, or whether my game is broken somehow (possibly after mixing records?) Thanks