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If I have a Pokemon with pokerus that has the exp. share in the party and fight say a Boldore with another Pokemon my Pokemon with pokerus with get 4 defense EVs is this correct? Also if I have a Pokemon with pokerus that is holding the macho brace and encounter the Boldore and then switches to another Pokemon that then kills it how many EVs with the first one get?

Sorry if this seems complicated. Thanks in advanced:)

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Boldore might be a bad example because it actually gives off 1 Attack and 1 Defense EV.

All Pokemon that play a part in the battle (even if they don't attack and switch out right away) will get the same base EVs. Pokemon with Exp. Share get the same amount of EVs as if they were battling.

So if your Pokemon has Pokerus and Exp Share it would double EVs, i.e. 2 Atk, 2 Def from Boldore.

If you have Pokerus and are holding the Macho Brace then you get 4 Atk, 4 Def EVs from Boldore.

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yes the first one is correct. for the second one i belive you would get 8 evs.
correct me if im wrong

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