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I don NOT mean types. I mean like "physical, special, or status.

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in xd gale of darkness?
Yes, I mean XD.

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 Move                            Type
 Shadow Blast                    Physical
 Shadow Blitz                    Physical
 Shadow Bolt                     Special
 Shadow Break                    Physical
 Shadow Chill                    Special
 Shadow Down                     Status
 Shadow End                      Physical
 Shadow Fire                     Special
 Shadow Half                     Status
 Shadow Hold                     Status
 Shadow Mist                     Status
 Shadow Panic                    Status
 Shadow Rave                     Special
 Shadow Rush                     Physical
 Shadow Shed                     Special
 Shadow Sky                      Status
 Shadow Storm                    Special
 Shadow Wave                     Special


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Shadow moves aren't set to a specific kind, like all types.

Physical: Shadow Blast/Blitz/Break/End/Rush

Special: Shadow Bolt/Chill/Fire/Rave/Storm/Wave

Status: Shadow Down/Half/Hold/Mist/Panic/Shed/Sky

Shadow Rush is the only Shadow move in Coloseum, whilst all the other moves are available in XD: Gale of Darkness

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