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Just Wondering. Because If you really do need all the now unavailable event Pokemon too I'm In trouble!

im 99.9% positive its yes
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You do not need event Pokemon to complete the Pokedex. You only need the Pokemon that are obtainable in-game.

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To be honest, I thought you did need event pokemon to complete the poke' dex. Also, does this include the national dex AND the regional dex, and does it depend on the game?
Well for the National Dex you would need to catch all pokemon. For the national Dex you would only have to catch the pokemon obtainable in the region of the the game. So in Black and White versions to complete the Regional Dex you only need to catch all pokemon from Unova. The natinol dex requires all pokemon to be completed.
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In HGSS, you only need to see the Pokémon in order for it to count toward completion (of the Regional Dex). Event Pokemon are not required for either Dex completion award.