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we all know that Ash is a very lucky guys because even from the 1st day of his journey he met a legendary Pokemon .also he has encountered all the legendary Pokemon ..how is this possible?
my other question is :is ash in a coma?i have heard this rumor but I couldnt beleive it!if ash is in a coma this we can see in the anime is only a world in ash's head!is this rumor true?


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As the main character of the series, Ash has needed to be what you call "lucky" in order to popularize the show and make it eventful.

Besides, in the Games, you also meet several Legendary Pokemon. Would you count yourself "lucky"?

But as for whether Ash is in a coma, it's just a rumor, and has yet to be officially confirmed.

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To be honest I don't beleive in the Ash Coma theory; It's probabally not true. It would be a suprise if Game Freak and/or Nintendo comfirmed if it's true or not, although I don't think they will.
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Its a lie
Its just to get attention, btw ash has encountered many legends because the legendary Pokemon are amazed at his heart towards Pokemon. Ho-oh also grants anyone who sees it eternal Happiness (luck). This amplyfies Ash's abilitiy to meet legendary Pokemon

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