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I am about to take on the Elite Four on my Pokémon Gold file (which I recently restarted) and I want to evolve my Weepinbell. Where (in Johto only) can I find a Leaf Stone? I really want to have my Weepinbell evolve before I take on the Elite Four, as it is the only Pokémon in my party that isn't fully evolved.


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Bill's Grandfather is the only way. He'll ask to see a few Pokemon, and give you an evolutionary stone after you do.

When he asks to see an Oddish, he'll reward you with a Leaf Stone.

If you want a stone before Kanto, you'll have to trade.

Bill's Grandfather

Evolutionary Stones & their locations

Darn. I'm not far enough on my Yellow version... :(
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The leaf Stone can be found before even the 3rd badge theres a trainer in route 34 called picknicker gina who has 2 hoppips and a bulbasaur. Get her number if you walk enough in a route not being route 34 she calls you go to route 34 and she gives you a ......Leaf Stone!!

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I had a lot of Vileplume and Victreebel besides me in Pokemon G/S/C I always get a leaf stone that way

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