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First it happened with a chansey and then with a dratini....why?

What do you mean by "miss". Like you threw it and it missed the pokemon?
if it 'failed' thats normal
Yes as Sam said failing to catch would be normal, and this may be what you mean by miss but I just want to clarify before I give you a definitive answer.
It says "you missed the pokemon" or something like that
Hmmmm, source was different. I can't find anything about it missing as opposed to the pokemon breaking out.

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In the Gen I games your Poke Balls could miss if the Pokemon you were facing had a low catch rate. It's just how it is in those games.

Source: Experience. Zapdos was a pain to catch.

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So that is the answer. I wasnt sure so I decided to let someone who really knew answer. Thx trachy