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I am in Aha's house in Icirrus City. He asked this to me, "What's is the name of the mysterious creatures who inhabit our world?" The hint was " It's not Kemons." I know that the answer is Pokemon for the question, but what are Kemons? Please help me! Thank you!


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Nothing of any note. Just the last six letters of the word "Pokemons"

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Oh, then how does that make a good hint? ;)
The word "Pokemon" can be plural or Singular, though. Kemons is a so-so hint because it's a partly scrambled word, although, nobody in the pokemon games have ever call edmultiple pokemon "Pokemons" to my knowledge
Ok thanks!
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I'm pretty sure that's a part off of PoKEMON. You can't answer that anyways, so that's still a bit strange.

I promise I'm not copying you, trachy, we just answered at the same time. -_-'