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  • U-Turn
  • Stone Edge
  • Poison Jab
  • Psychic
  • Brick Break
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> After getting those 3 Grams (Letters) for Wingull on Route 13, he will fly away leaving U-Turn in his place.

Stone Edge
> Challenger's Cave B2F, east of Protein

Poison Jab
> Route 6: North of the southernmost bridge (requires Surf)

> Route 13: On a cliff in the southwestern corner of the route (requires Strength)

Brick Break
> Icirrus City: From an old lady in the Pokémon center's lobby

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U-turn - Give all three grams to wingull on route 13
Stone Edge - Challengers cave level B2F (Surf required)
Poison Jab - Near the two bridges on route 13 (Surf required)
Psychic - Sourthen part, on top of cliff w/ a boulder block the path (Requires Strength)
Brick Break - Given to you by a ladyin the Iciuruus city Pokemon center