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I was watching the 4th movie and you know the part where Misty does something with her foot and she sorta sprains it. In the part where Celibi comes back to life( The one close to the front ) it splashes lake water on Misty foot. Then she says"Thank you Celibi" but I noticed that her mouth doesn't move. Am I seeing things?

P.S. Pikachu's pika-boo. Hilarious!

wow,you have very good observation.
Did you see the short?

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You aren't. Back then, the frame rates were very low during the time, so some things would be cut off, just like mistys` lip movements or when Pikachu is moving. The frame rates were about 3 per second during the time, and they needed the movie to go for about one hour, so they needed to cut off some things.

Source(s): Learning the frame rates and effects

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