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When you watch a TV multiple times in a row it goes to commercials and a while later the TV program starts again.

I kept pressing A once and I kept doing it for ages. But the commercials never ended and my thumb got tired so I stopped after 5 minutes.

Do the commercials stop if you spam A?
Is the TV on a timer, if so how long?

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erm this isn't to do with Pokemon....
This is the Pokebase QandA for *Pokemon*.
It is, actually. He means the in-game TV.
Well that is a lot clearer, thank you Slash for making sense of that xD
xD NP. I had to read it a bunch of times to understand, but the A button thing gave it away.
am I the only one to get it like, immediately? i got it as soon as I started reading xD
Whoops. I suppose I could have made it a bit easier to understand.
lol my bad :D
Do people pay attention to small things like this or am I the only one?
I guess not lol
I tired spamming A too. My outcome was the same.

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If they run out of programs for the cycle you're only real chance for getting around the commercials is to leave. I say this because, if you haven't noticed, many of the shows center around in game happenings, your actions, and a few random programs.

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Thank you.