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well. lets look at the stats

-----------noctowl--------------- crobat
HP         100-------------------------85
Atk         50-------------------------90
Def        50-------------------------80
Sp Atk    76-------------------------70
Sp Def    96-------------------------80
Spe         70 ---------------------- 130          

so noctowl has more HP and slightly more SP attack but all in all crobat has better defence and SP defence (not that that matters much.) but look at that 90 attack. and 130 speed to! crobat is the answer. to me a good ingame moveset would be cross poison, mean look, theif, and fly.

hope I helped!

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Again, a personal opinion on my adventures is used in my answer. I have a Shiny, Mild Natured Crobat who will kill everything quicker than Deoxys's Spped Form can touch a Lv. 1 Relaxed Natured Magikarp. Crobat is an Extremely Fast and Furious Pokemon, that when used the correct ways, demolishes everything in sight. It's supernatural Speed and Attack can go higher than that of Deoxys's Speed Form, and will easily take down a puny Noctowl. Even though Noctowl can learn devastating Phsycic moves, Crobat easily outspeeds it and can land on nasty Physical attack. If you have a Crobat with powerful Physical moves, it will be SO worth it, not to mention that if your Golbat evolves right after it evolved a level ago, it means your a good trainer whom his Pokemon and friends respect. Grobat wins by far.