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im trying to see which Pokemon league is the most difficult to defeat so I can verse it


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It only depends on the player but for me it was Diamond/Pearl/Platinum because of Cynthia.
She has a variety of types on her team and will require upmost strategy, But it all depends on the player ofc

![enter image description here][1]

[1]: http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/c/ca/Sinnoh_Pokémon_League_DP.png/300px-Sinnoh_Pokémon_League_DP.png

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I would say the Jotho League is the most difficult one. The lack of powerful Bug and Dark types makes Will and Karen difficult, and then there is Lance.
3 Dragonites is no joke, and the lack of survivable Ice-types and Stealth Rock users make this battle a tough one, especially in the G/S/C games. Also not to forget, it is quite difficult to train effectively in Jotho since the wild Pokemons are at very low levels.

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Totally agree. God help you if a pokemon you used earlier stops being useful late game in Gold and you catch a new one to replace it. You basically can't power level and grinding takes an age. In Gold you basically have to catch 5 pokemon early game and stick with them. HG was slightly better than Gold thanks to ice fang and ice shard, meaning my Feraligatr/gyarados/piloswine could actually beat lance.
And while Pearl league had higher leveled mon, it also had the vs. seeker. Gold's league had the lowest level mon, but having comparable mon of your own to fight them was the real challenge. And Koga's Muk still pisses me off.