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I really wanted a mew, but I only discovered that I can find one AFTER I defeated the Elite Four. I could start a new game, but my pokédex is almost complete (I have every Pokemon that can be found in the game, from Squirtle to Mewtwo).
So, should I start a new game to try to catch mew?


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Mew is an event exclusive Pokemon in yellow so therefore, you cant get it. Sorry but there is just no way so dont erase your game as it will be useless. Since its for an event, you will probably never get one unless if you find one in a trade. Also, there is basically no hope for a new event in yellow giving out mews since Pokemon only gives out event Pokemon to the newest generation. So sorry, youre out of luck unless you want to glitch your game as there are numerous glitches in gen 1. Minininetales has provided a video explaining how to glitch mew on your game.
Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Mew

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well, it's actually possible.
by making it glitched