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I dont know which TM to buy in white 2 Hidden Power, Brick Break or U-Turn? I love U-Turn and Brick Break but my friend told me to get HP. Which do I get?

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I will put a list from highest to lowest in priority to get in the pwt or battle subway

swords dance
sludge wave
double team
brick break
frost breath
smack down
psych up
hidden power
ally switch

so first get u-turn then brick break dont get hidden power at all unless you want to get every tm
this is all my opinion so please don't dislike because you dont think it's true

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Thanks, I completely forgot swords dance,,,
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Hidden Power is really unreliable ingame, as not all Pokemon have the correct IVs for the correct Hidden Power. I find U-turn good for competitive battling, but I am sure Brick Break would serve you well, as it has ingame reliability.

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I just realized Infernape can get U-Turn, im definetly getting it now and then i'll have to take forever saving up points for Brick Break,,, BP TM's are really cheap,,, What's the fastest way to get them (I suck at PWT)