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If There is a pokemon that can Learn Dig, and an Ice type move that is really fast, I think I have a strategy. The Pokemon would Use Dig. The Opponet would switch to a Flying Type. Then, The Fast Pokemon with High Attack/Sp. Attack would use the Ice Move and Take Down The Flying Type. Are There Any Pokemon that will fit this? And Will This Work? Considering almost all teams have Flying Types.


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Flygon has dig and levitate makes it so the earthquake can't hit him even underground(i checked in my game) weavile is a fast pokemon that can learn ice punch via move tutor I know cuase I have one.

Thats pretty much my comment.
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I have an idea, why not use thunderbolt? there are a ton of non electric types that learn it, so you can execute this strategy with the utmost subtlety. After using dig, they'll never see it coming, thinking they are safe. While ice beam is great, it is a bit more predictable on pokemon compared to thunderbolt.

How about Ice Beam, Dig, and Thunderbolt to deal with all possibilities, seeingas a Flygon would easily put a stop to Thunderbolt.
Ice shard IS unexpected though.
But what fast pokemon weak to things ground covers could learn allt hose?
I like Flygon and dig. most people think levitate wont protect it from earthquake whlir diggin, but it DOES. that can make your opponent waste a turn they could otherwise raise stats on. plus dig gets stab on Flygon
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Okay, you were right. However, if you use too obvious of a Pokemon, they won't always switch to a Flying type. And plenty of foes use Earthquake remember, meaning you would easily be defeated. Alos, plenty of Pokemon have the Levitate ability. This strategy might work at times, but people know that when someone uses Dig, they have something planned, and as such will be prepared. Use this to find the Pokemon you think will work best if you still want this strategy:


Type in the moves you want then search for the Pokemon you think is best. You'll notice that Pokemon like Glaceon, Linnone, and Floatzel can learn Dig and Ice Beam. There are more Pkemon, but you might like these best.

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But trachy, you would come up as they switch, and then hit them with an ice type move if you are fast enough
Right, right. I'll have another complaint soon.
But trachy, if a poekmon cant learn earthquake and ground covers some of their weaknesses, they wont think anythings planned, now if a pokemon fits these moves, and is weak to electric, fire, etc.......
I still think that this is too situational to be of much use. Dig isn't used by anyone even to cover weaknsses anymore.
But if they couldnt learn the quake.......
Ya I gave my weavile dig to cover steel, rock, and fire wanna chat swampert and trachy
Yes, but people know that Dig is too predictable. That is the problem. Since nobody uses Dig, then something must be up.
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Well, yeah. Mamoswine learns dig by tm I think, and also learns ice shard by level up, but only while its a Swinub. Not fast, but ice shard goes first. Good thinking! With mammoth attack-see what I did there- a super effective ice shard from a mamoswine could be lethal, but the opponent might not switch to a flying type if the digger is a Mamoswine. Although, this could help put your opponent into a predicament. Just a suggestion

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Mamoswine isnt Fast enough and ice shard isnt Strong enough.
Ice shard doesnt need speed. the opponent thinks their faster, then BAM- priority ice shard gives em a wallop
They aren't fast enough for Dig however.
Also, Swinub is what you meant, not Snorunt.
Oh, gese! thats not right,.........
Fixed it up.