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I want Happiny and I put my Chansey to Pokemon day care with Kecleon.
Then I noticed it was in wrong egg group (Kecleon:field, Chansey:fairy) and I took Kecleon back. I put Togekiss there with Chansey, because Togekiss is in the same egg group with Chansey, but then the Day Care Man said to me: "The two don´t seem to like each other much" So is it bad if "they don´t seem to like each other much"?
And sorry if I spelled something wrong...

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There are four reasons.
1. It'll take a while still
2. They are in the wrong group
3. Your Chancey/Blissey isn't holding a lucky inscense
4. It is a glitch

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Hahahahah! That is funny Destructoid