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I cant get my Pokemon registered as putting them into day care is not fixing problem as everyone says it does.
Also the Pokemon I catch in the crown tundra have mostly got no registration.
Although sometimes I get a load that do. 2 shiny Pokemon dynamax lair unregistered. Yet some of my Pokemon shiny from home registered.
So confused. As everyone saying Home issue.
But it can't be as I have a lot of home Pokemon shiny that registered.
Yet most of my unregistered Pokemon are ones caught in Crown Tundra and Dynamax lair.
With Day care fix not working I'm scared that Nintendo will delete my shiny Max lair and Crown Tundra shinies thinking they are hacked.

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Are you sure they aren’t in your Pokédex? You have to switch forms to see them all
Nintendo is not going to "delete" your Pokemon. They don't care. People have used hacked Pokemon for decades. Just don't use Pokemon with illegal features in online battles.

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The legendary Pokemon you find in th Dynamax Adventures are not part of the Crown Tundra Pokedex. The Regis (with the exception of Regigigas,) Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and the Swords of Justice are part of the Pokedex, but all of the other legendaries aren't.

Hope this answers your question