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i am going up against legendarys like cobalion, azelf, etc.
but I'm scared!
i want to make sure I dont make them faint, like I stupidly did to heatran.
any suggestions?

you know, you can always save before battling the legendary, and then, if you make it faint just turn off the game and turn it back on, so that you can try to catch him again.

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False Swipe & Sleep

  • Sleeping or Freezing the opponent doubles the catch rate unlike other status moves (of which the rate becomes 1.5 from what it previously was). Although there is currently no move that just freezes a Pokemon so you could faint a legendary by accident especially because many are dragon type. Burn and Poison can kill a Pokemon before it is caught and you can still be attacked.
  • False Swipe is a move that can't faint a Pokemon so you can whittle any Pokemon down to 1HP, if it isn't a ghost type Pokemon of course (I would use the Masterball on Giratina if you can't catch it otherwise).

Here are some Pokemon I recommend for the job and why.

[no starter Pokemon (you might not want to choose the one I suggest) or Pokemon that learn False Swipe or high accuracy Sleep-Inducing moves through breeding only]

Gen 4:

Scizor Gen 4

  1. Learns False Swipe by level up supported by high ATK stat.
  2. Doubles up as a powerful play-through Pokemon with a vast offensive movepool: STAB, Priority, Technician Boosted, Bullet Punch; STAB X-Scissor; STAB U-turn; Night Slash; Slash; Aerial Ace; Brick Break; STAB Iron Head, Superpower, Razor Wind, Bug Buzz, Flash Cannon, Silver Wind, Ominous Wind, Vacuum Wave and Air Slash.
  3. Can be found early on as Scyther on Route 229 [DP], Route 210 and 215 [P] or in the National Park (Bug Catching Contest) [HGSS].
  4. Resists STAB moves from many legendaries: in the Gen 4 games [it resisted ghost and dark moves until Gen 6].
  5. Scizor can restore HP with Roost.

Tangrowth Gen 4

  1. Learns Sleep Powder by level up, supported by its' bulk.
  2. Doubles up as a powerful play-through Pokemon with a vast offensive movepool: Ancient Power, Knock off, STAB Power Whip, Rock Slide, STAB Energy Ball, Poison Jab, Focus Blast, Aerial Ace, Sludge Bomb, Brick Break, Earthquake, STAB Leaf Storm, STAB Solar beam, STAB Giga Drain, Facade and Return. As well as many status-changing moves: Sleep Powder, Poison Powder, Stun Spore and Toxic.
  3. Can be found early on as Tangela in the Great Marsh [P] or on Route 21, 28 and 44 as well as Mt.Silver [HGSS].
  4. Tangrowth can restore HP with Ingrain, Leech Seed, Giga Drain, Synthesis and Rest.

Gen 5:

Haxorus Gen 5

  1. Learns False Swipe by level up, supported by high ATK stat.
  2. Doubles up as a powerful play-through Pokemon with a vast offensive movepool: Assurance, STAB Dual Chop, Slash, STAB Dragon Claw, STAB Dragon Pulse, STAB Outrage, Surf, Earthquake, Return, Dig, Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Facade, Focus Blast, Shadow Claw, Bulldoze, Rock Slide, X-Scissor, STAB Dragon Tail, Poison Jab, Iron Tail, Night Slash, Razor Wind, Aqua Tail, Draco Meteor and Superpower.
  3. Can be found after your 5th Gym badge in Mistralton Cave [BW] [B2W2].
  4. Haxorus can restore HP with Rest.

Lilligant Gen 5

  1. Learns Sleep Powder by Level up, supported by is reasonable speed and access to Quiver Dance.
  2. Doubles up as an essential, supportive Pokemon with moves such as: Leech Seed, Synthesis, Teeter Dance, Quiver Dance, STAB Petal Dance [with Own Tempo], Aromatherapy, STAB Giga Drain, STAB Energy Ball, Helping Hand, STAB Leaf Storm, STAB Magical Leaf, Sleep Powder, Stun Spore, Healing Wish, Ingrain, Sweet Scent, Heal Bell, STAB Seed Bomb, Toxic, Swagger, Attract, Light Screen, Safeguard, Protect, STAB Solar Beam, Return, Double Team, Facade, Rest, Flash and Substitute.
  3. Can be obtained early on as a Petilil or Lilligant at the Abundant Shrine, Castelia City, Lostlorn Forrest and Pinwheel Forrest [BW] or the Abundant Shrine, Castelia City, Lostlorn Forrest, Pinwheel Forrest and Victory Road [B2W2] or traded - as a Petilil - for a Cottonee (found in the same places).
  4. Lilligant can restore HP with Rest, Synthesis, Giga Drain, Leech Seed or Ingrain.

Gen 6:

Scizor Gen 6


Haxorus Gen 6

1. Can Mega-Evolve for added power for False Swipe.

1. Can be found easier and earlier than Scizor so can be part of your team.

Vivillon Gen 6

  1. Learns Sleep Powder by level up, made 98% accurate with Compound Eyes.
  2. Doubles up as a powerful play-through Pokemon with a vast movepool: Poison Powder, Powder, Sleep Powder, Stun Spore, Rage Powder, Psybeam, Draining Kiss, Aromatherapy, STAB Bug Buzz, Safeguard, Quiver Dance, STAB Hurricane, STAB Bug Bite, STAB U-turn, Dream Eater, STAB Acrobatics, Energy Ball, Rest, Facade, Aerial Ace, Double Team, Psychic, Return, Solar Beam, Roost and Calm Mind.
  3. Can be found extremely early on as a Scatterbug in Santalune Forrest or on Route 2 (Avance Trail) or as a Spewpa on Route 7 (Riviere Walk).
  4. Spewpa can restore HP with Rest and Roost.
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what I like to do is get some HIGH level Pokemon and teach them cheap moves. so that your Pokemon will last long enough to Slowly get the Pokemon to a low level of health
or use a Pokemon like shuckle or anothe high defence Pokemon!

i had some troubles with azlef. struggle is your worst enemy.

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I definitely recommend you get a Pokemon that can use some paralysis moves, such as thunder wave and stun spore.

Another good alternative would be to put the Pokemon to sleep as it gives you time to bring down your lengendary's health and it cant do anything to you and helps you stay defensive in a way. A good move I recommend would be spore. The Paras line, Shroomish, and Foongus line can learn this move and it can be really good for your team in catching these legends.

Make sure you also have a strong defensive type and a semi strong offensive type.

Maybe also if you find your legend's health going down to low, Audino with Heal Pulse works well in your favor if you'd like to go a toxic, poison, or burn approach. Best of luck :)