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I beat Sun, again, saving after catching Tapu Koko, and going through the incredibly long cutscenes and credits, my next goal was to capture the other Tapus I caught Tapu Fini, after much trial, made my way through Haina Desert to the Ruins of Abundance, I tried to catch Tapu Bulu several times using plenty of ultra balls, dusk balls, and quick balls, to no avail. Are these the right Balls to use, if not, where can I find the right ones, just so you know I usually get Tapu Bulu to 1 or at least in the red zone of health, and I haven't had much luck giving it a status condition. Please help, list good Balls to use and other tips, as well as if possible, with Tapu Lele, as it is the only other one I have to get. Thanks so much!

Quick ball first, then false swipe+hypnosis/thunder wave, 30 ultra balls or more and then timer balls. Don't use dusk balls, not worth it.

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I haven't played USUM or SM before, but I will try giving an answer. Here goes! :D

1. The Right Pokemon
So you will need a Pokemon first of all, that is higher levelled or similar level to the Tapus you are trying to catch. Good defenses aren't a nessecary, but bringing a Pokemon that resists the Tapus moves will help a bit better, so that they don't KO you when throuwing Pokeballs. Tapu Bulu is a Grass and Fairy, so a Poison, Fire, or Steel type might be good to resist. Tapu Lele is a Psychic and Fairy, so a Steel type might be good.

2. Moves
Moves that you will probably need are False Swipe, to get the opponent to 1HP, and Thunder Wave. Often moves with a chance of inflicting a status are risky, and Burns/Poisons/Bad Poisons can faint the Tapu if you don't catch it in time. Another thing to note, particularly for Tapu Bulu, is that they are Terrain setters. Tapu Bulu's Grassy Terrain will heal overtime, so you might want to change it to something else so it doesn't heal the False Swipe damage.

3. Pokeballs
First, no matter what Pokemon it is that I am catching, Legendary or not, I always try to throw a Quick Ball first. I caught Galarian Zapdos and Regieleki with one first try, so you never know! Should that fail, the next thing to do is use your Pokemon to whittle the Tapu down. Ultra Balls are good for this after it's low, and then Timer Balls are your next best bet. If you feel it's close to Stuggling, Timer Balls will save your butt. Other balls of note are Dusk Ball at night, and Heal Ball because it might just work.

Good luck on catching the Tapus, hope I helped!!

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One little thing, I said I already caught Tapu Fini, it's Tapu Bulu and Tapu Lele I need help with.
Where do you find Timer Balls, because I only have one.
ah sorry i misread i always get confused with the tapus XD and i think you get timer balls in paniola town? hope i helped :))
and also i changed my answer sorry i read it wrong
Thanks, you definately did, I caught Tapu Bulu, and am working on Tapu Lele! :)
nice. good luck, so glad i helped! :DD
I caught them all and now I'm doing Ultra Beasts! So excited!
nice! :)