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i was going to call yancy on my xtransceiver.
she was my 6th xtransceiver member I have registered, and, as you know, the limit is 5 registered members on-screen
so I try to scroll down on the xtransceiver to call yancy and... IT WOULDN'T LET ME!
i dont know if this is the right kind of question to ask on here, but if it is, would somebody please tell me whats going on?

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Ok, sorry or the wait. This link will show you all that you need to know about this topic. Your Xtransceiver will contain Yancy's number (the option to call her) randomly.

My recommendation is travel to and from Route 16 to Route 6 on foot. Check your Xtransceiver when you get to all the places, excluding the Dirftvail Drawbridge. all you need to do is to enter any of the places listed in the link and you get a fairly low percentage of Yancy appearing as a contact on your Xtransceiver. I saw somewhere that is was a 5-30% chance.

I hope that I helped.

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