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I got omega ruby for christmas and it was working just fine. About 4-5 days after getting it, I was soft resetting for a shiny mesprit, and one time when I reset it told me that there was an error, like when you remove the game cartridge while playing. Sooo I turned my ds off. But then, when I turned my ds back on and started up the game, and it showed the nintendo 3ds screen, and then it just froze. It still plays the animation, it just wont exit that screen, so I have to turn my ds off whenever it happens. No matter how many times I try, it always does the same thing. My other games work just fine, including AS.

I thought the game card was the problem, so I downloaded omega ruby from eShop so I could transfer the save file to it. However, when I started it up, it did the same thing as the physical copy. I searched for answers on google but found none.

I ordered an action replay, not just because I want one, but maybe it could solve the problem since it starts up the game differently, you know? But that still doesnt solve the downloadable copy's problem.

My OR save file is very special to me (all of my shinies are in my party so I cant retrieve them from pokebank). Im even thinking about getting a 2ds to see if it works on there. Now Im scared to soft reset on AS ;_;

This is my last hope, please help T ^ T

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Get your 3ds looked at

Depending on what you have near you, got to the closest store that does consolesand games such as Game or CEX. It might be that the 3ds system is faulty and doesn't like the Omega Ruby Games. (I'm not a tech :S)
I would highly suggest borrowing a 3/2 Ds system from a friend or family and try out OR on theirs. If it works fine, then your 3ds is most likely slightly faulty. 3DSs aren't themost "strongest" system Iif you like.

Contact Nintendo

If you didn't cheat or do any messing around with the 3ds Contact Nintendo
This is their Email : [email protected]

This is from the UK site. Go on your Region Site as the emails may be different.

Reset your 3ds System

This does mean that all your FC and downloaded content will be erased. But it is worth a try.

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Glad I could assist ^-^
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Weird, that is one bad problem. Does your game have the newest update? If not, getting the update should help solve that problem. This happened on my black, so I had to restart. If the update thing doesn't work, you can keep searching on Google for hours. Hope I helped!

How will "searching on Google for hours" help? What would he even search for?
How he can fix the problem.
Yes it has the update