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What Pokemon can learn attacking moves of every type?

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What Pokemon, other than smeargle, can learn attacking moves of all seventeen types, discounting the moves hidden power and judgement?

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and then Smeargle.

Nidoking is short one. He is missing a grass move.

Nidoqueen comes pretty close to learning a damaging move of every type. She is short on psychic and a bug type attack.

Aggron also comes close although he lacks psychic, bug and poison attacks. Thanks to Ninja for putting him in here.

This is discounting Hidden Power.

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what about Ditto?
Ditto learns only one move: transform. But  it can use any move it temporarily copies
Ditto is debatable as he is actually only transforming into another pokemon. He doesn't actually "learn" the moves.

I have to go. I will finish this tomorrow.
Ok mr k
How about hydreigon?
Hydreigon is also very close. Just missing poison and grass type moves.
Thanks mr k
Greninja is lacking 5 types but is very useful if you have Protean on him