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I tried it, but it always say it failed. Something I should do?
I saw once a site that it says the target is the user, I dont really understand the. whole thing.


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Counter only works if the opponent has used a physical attack on you first, and then you use Counter, which takes the damage you received and doubles it back at the opponent.

Say a Wobuffet and Pidgey are battling. The Pidgey uses Brave Bird and (let's just say) it did 50 HP of damage. Wobuffet uses Counter and the Pidgey takes 100 HP of damage.

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Counter works when the opponent hits you with a physical move only then it will affect the foe.After you are hit with a physical move it would counter just as the name says but will also double it . It normally is a good move if you know how to use it but not very helpful in competitive battling .

It will work in this way now ther is a battle going between:
a sawk the fighter
And a Riolu The Counter

and the sawk uses brick break if it did 100 damage then when riolu would counter it it would do 200 damage if we say it in the game's language then it will be some what like this

>The foe's Sawk used Brick Break!
Riolu used Counter!

Ta Da it will use counter some other moves such as revenge work in the same way .

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i bet counter is stronger if its a pokemon that hasn't  evolved yet using it.
It wouldn't say it wasn't very effective....Fighting's neutral to its own type.
Wouldn't it be Super Effective? Steel Typing, don't forget.
and serperiormind, you're wrong.
Riolu is still pure fighting type though. So, it is neither super effective nor not very effective
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one, you gotta be slower than what ur countering, 2nd what your countering has 2 be physichal.