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on wi-fi I have been beaten by a mamoswine with earthquake 3 times already. why? It doesnt make sense, even when I have a type and stat advantage?

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Mamoswine is an incredibly powerful Pokemon, having an impressive 130 Attack Stat. And backed up by the 100 Power move Earthquake with the 1.5 power up from STAB, it is a monster to face. And many people tend to use the Item Choice Band, boosting the already insane Atttack by 1.5. Very few Pokemon can take a hit from it, even if it is a neutral attack. The case might also be that your opponents EV train their Pokemon and you don't. EV trained Pokemon are many times over more powerful than their untrained counterparts.

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thank you, i just started ev training yesterday and its working
if its hundered i cant take it 60 to 70 can take out one hit from my luacario
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It probably because Mamo is scarfed and scarfed Mamo hits Pokemon pretty hard even if it's not SE.

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