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Can a max 394 adamant attack Mamoswine holding a choice band KO a sweeper jolly garchomp,a salamence that has a speed increasing nature(assuming he doesnt switch in on intimidate), and an adamant or jolly dragonite using Ice shard? Btw this is all for 4th gen

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I doubt you'll ever see a Inner Focus Dragonite now, because Multiscale is the more common and better Ability. It being used 98% of the time.
@SF If he is Battling WIFI Competitive, most likely Tiers that will be seen are Smogon Tiers and never DB Tiers.
Well most of my friends who I battle(not in this site, around my town) dont have the 5th gen games
Well if he's battling Wi-Fi, there you might see more of Inner Focus on Dragonite.

Oh, and I guess he is battling Gen IV...
Please mind my Dragonite part of the comment if you are Battling Gen IV.

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To Dragonite with Max Defense it would do between 330 and 388 which is an OHKO without lots of HP EVs. With that Nature no evs in defense then an OHKO. However if this was Gen V and he had multi-scale he could potentially survive with more defense or HP EVs.

To Salamence with Max Defense it would do between 367 and 432 which is definitely an OHKO unless it has max HP as well in which case there would be a small chance of survival, so with the nature you are suggesting it would OHKO it twice XD. If he had intimidate effect Mamoswine then it would still OHKO him.

To Garchomp with Max Defense it would do between 330 and 388 which is an OHKO without HP EVs. But with that nature and no EVs in Defense and HP then it is an OHKO no doubt.

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