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So, I heard Umbreon has awesome defense and Espeon has awesome attack..
I need people's opinions
Not Jolteon, Flareon, Leafeon, Glaceon or Vaporeon... Just Espeon and Umbreon :)


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It depends on what you need it for,
Espeon is a great sweeper. It has a legendary special attack and high speed.
But it can easily be KO with one move.
Umbreon is a great tank. It can stop unprepared teams in no second.
It lacks in power but it has been gifted with PP-stalling moves and HP-corrupting moves.
If you are a patient battler and don't have a staller/tank/wall in your team, then I strongly recommend Umbreon. But if you have enough walls in your team, then I strongly recommend Espeon. I myself would pick Umbreon, but the choice is yours.
It really just depends on what you need

Hope this helped a little with your decision

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Thanks, this is just what I want to hear.
You are welcome ^.^
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i'd totally go for espeon. I love those one-hit KOs it deals out without fail, and the large arsenal of different move types it can learn, basically, if you teach it psychic and shadow ball, its unstoppable.
umbreon always annoyed me because of its narrow move choices and lack of attack. but, as J1309 said, if it fits your team, it works.

Thanks too :)))
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Which game do you play? Its best if you get BOTH. if black and white 2 go to castelia lot, an exit area in the sewers, and fennel moved to the city too, her friend will give you an eevee, level10 Eeevee