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Which Pokemon are best to use in the Pokemon League to get the Pokemon league medals in Black 2?

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Which medals? there are nineteen. seventeen for monotype runs wirh each type, one for solo run, and one for getting them all. Are there any specific ones you want or do you just want advise in general?
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I think this is a decent question. You could probably use any types at really high levels, but obviously some Pokemon are better than others.

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Well it depends what level and the moves it has learned, the elite four battle with level 60s and above so try and get higher than that level, if you have got a second Pokemon game get a friend or if you have two consoles use that to trade or transfur stronger Pokemon to
Your black 2
(Because you would have got all of your gym badges which alows you to use pokémon of any level) so it doesnt matter what pokémon you have its the level ( and moves ) that make it strong.
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