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The only way to obtain Togepi is to trade from FireRed/LeafGreen or XD

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You can get a Togepi egg in FireRed/LeafGreen on Five Island, then trade Togepi once it hatches.

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You must trade for one.

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i read that you have to defeat the first pokemon gym leader, and then go to the pokemon center. then you have to talk to the scientist there and he will supposedly give you the egg with togepi in it.

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What your thinking about is Gold and Silver.
I did exactly this and got the egg :) Not sure why you got so many down votes but your right. :) For anyone that actually wants to take the time to do this, it worked for me :) and I havent played any of these Pokemon games in 10+ years and just started the other day again for fun to kill time at the VA. I didnt do this intentionally but I did do it in these exact steps and I was given an Egg, it later hatched into a Togepi. 3 days later I have 10 pokemon lvl 50+ :) This post is rather old but whatever, figured I would reply to it incase anyone else runs into this :)