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I am in Hg and my Togepi egg is just about to hatch. Is there any way to get a modest Togepi
without breeding? And if I breed will the togepi I get still have Exstransentory?


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Random Chance

If you've got the Togepi Egg and it hatches it will stay the same nature from the first time you received it from the Kimono Girl.
You can however SR for the Egg to get a Modest. Before you receive the egg from the Kimono Girl save your game. Hatch the egg and don't save during the process of egg hatching. Once you have hatched the Togepi if its nature is not Modest reset your game and you should be back just before obtaining the egg. Keep doing this until you get a Modest Togepi.

If you breed your soon to hatch Togepi with Extrasensory then its offspring will inherit the move as long as Togepi still has move on it.

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Thanks! I cant soft reset for it though. I already saved the game at least 9 times since I got the egg  and its just getting ready to hatch. Anyway I'll cross my fingers and hope I get lucky!