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I need a protector to evolve my rhydon but I don't know where to get one.

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If you know that age t guy that gives you stuff on Route 13. There will be an Ace Trainer filling him in. The Ace Trainer will give you some of his " treasure", which will be random. One of the items will be a Protector.

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what if i sold it on accident could i get again?
He will eventually give you one. Try saving before you talk to him and see if he gives you a different item when you restart.
oh ok thank you : 3
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wellspring cave and black city

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How in black city? and I dont think i have been to wellspring cave before.
i actually don't know, that's all it says in on the web page i saw, but wellspring cave is off of route 3
Oh ok thank you tho : 3