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I was playing Pokemon yellow. I had in my team pikachu, articuno, snorlax, cleffable and another Pokemon.

I was training one of my Pokemons in Cinnabar Mansion when weird things happened. I found a wild raticate and...
1- my PLAYER used icebeam.
2- the message sayed " Articuno used icebeam" (I always give nicknames to my Pokemons)
I thought something happened and I swiched my Pokemon to see if my articuno was OK and then...
3-Raticate used ABSORB.

What happened?
P.s.: I didn't used any cheat.
If something didn't make sense, please tell me. I'm still learning English

english was great! :)
Your English is fine btw

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Glitch. The age of the Pokemon Yellow cartridges make them prone to malfunctions.

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Glitches are normal in the old games, so don't freak out. The technology wasn't the best back in the day, so that led to many glitches such as MissingNo., glitch city, etc. Strangely, Cinnabar island is the same place you encounter missingno.. I always thought there was something wierd about that place... Just simply reset your system if it bothers you again. But save first!!