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I was playing Platinum, biking the route between Solaceon Town and HeartHome City. I had long ago beaten the Joggers there, and I've talked to them a million times, run into them a million times, etc.
But today(Saturday for me), I accidentally ran into a Jogger, and he challenged me to a Pokemon battle! The same happened on a different route.
Was it because it was the weekend? They've never done that before, and I've been going through the route very often for about a year(no joke).

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Did he challenge you in the morning?
I think it was around noon/afternoon.
late noon or early noon?
You answerd better then me!

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Ok, then the chances are high that this jogger automatically challenges you early on in the day. Normally he should only battle you between 4AM and 10AM. If it wasn't during this period of time it , then it could just be a game error. It is not really a big deal. It has happened to me several times too, so yeah....

So don't worry about it, and have a nice day

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